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1904 Callie Coin Operated Scale
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Hello Members,
 Its time for me to move on my One Cent operated scale made in 1904 by the  Callie Company.
 I have had this treasure for countless years now.  To operate you insert a penny into the coin slot and then push down on the lever to the right , this activates the machine. The Top Weight Rail is graduated into 10 pound increments going up to 290 pounds. The bottom rail is very sensitive and is graduated into 1/2# & 1# increments going up to 10 pounds . The scale is capable of weighing up to a grand total of 300 pounds accurately.
When the two red arrows to the right come together , you have your correct weight. The scale moves easily as it has four steel  mounted  roller wheels on the bottom that are hidden from sight. The deposited  coins drop down the long upright scale stem, down to a removable piece of scroll work plate on the scales left side, with a U coming out so you may attach a lock.
I am amazed at the accuracy of this 109 year old scale. It has never been restored.
It originally came from the old Milwaukee Train Station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I bought it from a Doctor. Who used it for his practice after obtaining it when the old train station was torn down.
I would like to sell this beauty,  outright or trade for perhaps a Jennings Buckaroo or Four Star Chief.
The top marquee actually held  a mirror, it broke and you now see cardboard from other Callie company products, that were  used as a backing to the mirror to hold the mirror in place. The scale dimensions are Floor to Mirror top 5' 11" tall.
The Weight Adjustment head is 20 1/4 " wide.  Its weight : A guess only 65-75 pound.
Any one who would like additional photographs or information, feel free to contact me.
Rumor: I have heard that only 230 of these were ever produced as folks did not want to fiddle with the two weight. They were probably in a rush to catch their train and wanted a instant read.
Anyone with further information on this grand piece of Scale History from a grand company, please contact me. When I got it, what a thrill to unlock it and remove the plate and all the wheat reverse pennies came cascading out!. Condition wise it is a 8 . It could be repainted or left as it. The most important part is everything is their and it functions flawlessly every time.
Being the most accurate scale ever made!.
Thank you to the the board moderators for adding a section on Coin Operated Scales.
They were down the last few years in popularity and due to the get in shape and lose weight movements, are once again gaining popularity among the coin operated fraternity.
I have added a few photograph for you viewing enjoyment.
If you have additional information regarding this piece of history , please send me what you have or know.
  I will add more photographs @ a later time.
                                    Thank you,
Of Note: One advertisement cardboard behind the missing mirror was for a Men's Cane.  You loaded it with a paper roll strip of paper .  When on pushed down hard on the cane it would make a exploding sound and was guaranteed to scare the be dickens out of anyone around.  A unique idea for its time.
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Re: 1904 Callie Coin Operated Scale
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