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Antique slot machines have become real collector items. For years these old machines were the heart and soul of the gambling casinos. The new slot machines we see today in the casinos are loads of fun and full of excitement and anticipation as we await hitting it big. While these machines are wonderful advancements in technology they are certainly different than the older machines, it is the older machines that are most intriguing. Imagine the skill and engineering that was used way back when. One is often left to wonder how men were able to think of ways to make these so entertaining and sadly for many addicting.

Here is one old workhorse form 1964, the Bally Money Honey. While not really classified as an antique slot machine, these old Bally’s paid the bills for every casino they were placed in. One of the most reliable mechanical slots ever built. The machine pictured here  was in my personal collection for years prior to selling it.


Antique Slot Machines

Restored Original 1937, 10 cent, Pace Kitty

This is a restored Pace Kitty, Like most Pace Kitty’s, it is missing the kitty counter and assorted linkage for this option. These items had been removed by the operators because of the problems they caused and  parts were discarded. I have heard that someone had made or reproduced these parts, but I have no idea who, or where to even look . This is a very nice machine and has never jammed. , The Pace Kitty is a very rare and scarce machine.

1931 Mills, 10 cent, Silent Jackpot Front Vendor “F.O.K.”

This is the Mills silent F.O.K. or also known as the Modern Front. This is a very nice restored 10 cent slot, all original with original back door. The mint vendors in front vend a roll of mints for each dime. This made this machine a mint vendor and so it found it’s way around the law. It vended a roll of mints for a dime and you also got to pull the handle and try to win some money. A mint vendor, not a slot machine. So why was everyone trying to buy mints when the vendors showed that they were empty? However, this worked and got around the laws in some states where slot machines were illegal, but mint vendors were not.


1938 Mills Brown Front

This is a 1938 Mills Brown Front 25 cent slot machine. It’s original with it’s preferred original paint. However, this is a rare model as the front castings are made out of cast iron and not cast aluminum like most all slots are. You can tell if the fronts are cast iron by sticking a magnet on it. If it sticks, it’s cast iron. This machine is in very good original condition which is the one most preferred by slot collectors. We have gone through the mechanism and cleaned, lube, oil, adjusted, and timed it. It runs great and has a working reserve jackpot in it.

Sadly many of these fantastic machines were destroyed by State and Federal government agencies, some still sit at the bottom of the San Francisco Bay

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