Tips and Tricks

To assist our visitors we will be creating several tips for various machines to help you resolve some of the problems that you may have Please check back often as we will be adding these as we dig through notes or discover useful tips on the internet. If you have some useful tips that you would like to share please sent them to Info we would like to give you credit for the tips (Submitted by) so please give us your name and let us know that it is OK to do so.

Before we list specific machines here are a few general tips to help you with what ever it is you are working on.

Make your own WD40

OK, you are working on your machine, this could be a slot machine, or even your car. You encounter some bolts that are rusted. Your first inclination is to grab a can of WD40 and start spraying the bolts. WD40 is pretty good but also rather expensive and then what to do if the can is empty?

Mix 10 oz of vegetable oil with 1 ounce of Acetone (finger nail polish remover) in to a spray bottle, shake well and spray the rusty bolts. Studies have found that this mixture is more effective in loosening bolts than WD40 and is a lot cheaper. If you have some Automatic Transmission fluid then you can substitute the ATF for the vegetable oil, both work equally well.

 Removing wax build up

You may be working on an old mechanical slot machine and find may parts are binding up. This may be caused by the grease drying up. Back when these machines were made the grease was made with paraffin wax. After many years this wax will dry and become almost like an epoxy. The easiest method of fixing these machines is to use either a heat gun or a hair dryer. Hold the heat gun close to the old grease and allow it to melt. Once it starts to melt you can rotate the parts to free them up and then you can spray them with your homemade WD40. Once completely free use a light synthetic grease to re lubricate the gears and a light oil such as 3 in 1 to lube the bearings.


Slot machines


The Bally E Series can be confusing for some people. Reel readers and power supplies are among the most common failures. These tips address how to test these without a lot of expensive equipment. Along with the tips there is a tester for reel reader cards that you can purchase and you have the option to send them to us for repairs should that be necessary. Though not listed we do repair all of the boards for these machines so contact us if you have the need to have your MPU, IO or other boards repaired.


IGT machines can be confusing at times, models such as the S2000 have a cabinet that can flex when not standing level and because of this the door optics easily come out of alignment. This page IGT 2000 Repair tips diagrams how to bypass the door optics

Do you have an IGT but don’t know if it is an S-Plus, S2000, Vision, or what the heck it is? This page will help you to ID that machine IGT-ID