IGT model identification

IGT  S-Plus, S2000 or S2000 Vision

IGT model identification one machine is always confusing. They look so much alike that if you don’t know what to look for then you probably just guess or go by what someone tells you that it is. Many of the games are available in more than one model of machine so knowing which machine is which is important.

S-PLUS – There are 3 ways this machine can be identified. Usually these machines have six serial numbers on the right side The ‘Winner Paid’ and ‘Credits’ meters are to the left of the center of the reel glass. The also have the motherboard behind the hopper.

S-2000 –  Almost any part of these machines can be upgraded, doors,bill and I think you can get different colored speakers. You can identify these by the long meter to the left of the reel glass, the serial number is seven numbers on the side or you may notice that these machines are capable  of taking multiple denominations ($.25 or $.50) there reel glass will show these markings.

Vision – The Vision games machines look identical to S-2000s except that the have a monitor on the upper glass  and a plays a bonus game. The monitor appears flush with the glass and not bordered with lights.

Reel Touch – These machines have a round top and inset monitor with an lighted frame. These are 5 reel machines and the reels are back lit have five back-lit reels. The reel-touch are similar in appearance to the  S- 2000  many of the internal parts are the same.

I-Plus – Typically you will find these as either a video slot or video poker. The Game King is an example of a multi-game machine built on the I-Plus platform. They are identifiable by their round top, large video display. The display is a touch screen and used to select the games