IGT S+ and S-2000 Repair Tips

Bypassing Door Optics


If there is one problem with the IGT S2000, it would have to be that if not sitting level the cabinet can and will somewhat distort itself.  When this happens the door optics can become misaligned. In a Casino environment it is desirable to have the optics, working for home use it really makes no difference so you can bypass the optics and never have to worry about them again.
For this project you will need a couple of spade connectors of suitable size to fit onto the Cherry switch that is located up near the bill validator, some wire for splicing, a spade connector crimp tool and a wire cutter/stripper.




The green and black wires on the door optic harness needs to be lengthened to come back toward the hinges, under the reel tray over to the 3-way cherry switch that’s located on top of the Bill Validator.

 1). Once you do that, splice the green wire from the door to the purple wire on the cabinet side optic harness.

 2). Attach a spade connector  to the red wire from the door harness to the 3rd tab on the cherry switch.

 3). Finally, attach a spade connector to the green wire from the cabinet-side optic harness  and put that on the left-most tab position on the cherry switch.

 You will notice the cabinet light also works off of the cherry switch but occupies the 4th & 6th right-most tabs. You should now be free of those annoying door open errors.

The drawing is not the best, but it will give you a general idea of what you are trying to accomplish.



Special thanks to  Stayouttadabunker on newlifegames.com for this tip


Testing S+ Door Optics

This video was found and is useful to check optics on an S + machine