Antique Slot Machine Tips

I found some useful videos that show how antique slot machines work, contacted the author and obtained permission to use them. Though the machine shown is that of a Mills mechanism, most slot machines operate in a similar manner.

How they work:


An interesting look at how the jackpot works on the Jennings Victoria Peacock

This next one helps you to identify your reel strips and is very handy if you happen to have a machine that is missing strips or if the strips are missing some of the images.

Identify reel symbols

Cleaning  reel strips

Besides showing you how to clean the reel strips, this is a chance to see a rare Silver King slot machine. Made in 1922 there are not that many of these


Reel Strip Replacement

Perhaps you just want or need to know how to replace your reel strips, this video shows how to do that on a Pace Kitty but the procedures are the same.

Re-Laminate a cabinet

Now perhaps you are going to restore a machine and the cabinet has been  damaged? This video will show you how to re-laminate a cabinet and make it look like new


Picking a Mills Lock

This is one method of picking a Mills slot machine lock, not easy
but it can be done with enough patience. 
Courtesy of The LockPickingLaywer

Reassembly of a Mills slot machine Part 1

This should be helpful to all of the newbies out there


Reassembly of a Mills slot machine Part 2

Conclusion of the reassembly project


Very unusual Mills Jack in the Box stand

This shows the operation of the Mills Jack in the Box slot machine stand